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Our Story

Ecological Design Network began as a response to the prolific and compounding degradation of social, environmental, and economic systems. As we approached the problem with an understanding of the deep interconnectedness of each of these failing systems, we realized the only meaningful solution would involve addressing the puzzle as a whole, rather than looking at each individual piece. So, we designed a system of operations built from every tool in our belt. With ancestral knowledge of the land, the latest advancements in technology, and a strong moral commitment to providing a better world, Ecological Design Network is the world's first full-scope regenerative systems network. Using the strategic application of systems centered on people, planet, and profit, we are working to create the global regenerative economy of the future.


“Develop the most effective applications of ecologically regenerative design for implementation in humanity’s understanding of, and engagement with, the natural world.”


“Produce an environmentally regenerative and economically viable future for an equitable global society.”

Our Framework Approach

1. Identify the current and potential capital held in natural resources and natural resource production systems.


2. Design operations and operation management systems to maximize output within the context of 3 major capital returns: environmental, economic, and social.


3. Assist and accelerate the development of the enterprises we work with by continuing to be a full scope partner for the lifespan of the operation to provide outsized value to the land, the operation, our company, and our shareholders within the context of the three major returns.

Our Values

Diversity: Diversity is strength in all aspects of life.

Equity: Life is complicated, equity incorporates the context needed to live together well.

Respect: For one, and for all.

Empathy: We are on this journey together, but our paths are not the same.

Kindness: Be the person you want to see in the world.

Courage: Face the challenges of our world head on.

Adaptability: Change is constant, we must deal with this change ready to change ourselves.

Integrity: Be the person you say you will be.

Creativity: We are only limited by our imagination.

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